Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Prophetic Resistance
Bill Weather
On 12-14-11, I drempt I was seeing a prophetic time line of events being laid out like a railroad track of long video screens. I was awaking in and out of this dream with each piece of time line that was being shown. Each time I fell asleep, a piece of this dream time line would come and connect to the previous piece I had drempt, before partially awakening out of the dream. Every time a section came to me while dreaming, I would resist it, like I didn't want to see it or dream it. It was as though I was wrestling with each time line piece that was being laid before me. Each time I was shown a piece, I would awaken out of the dream, only to go back to sleep and dream of the next piece of time line coming. This awaking and falling back to sleep with each piece, happened about 5 or 6 times, till I finally was fully awake.

Near the end of this experience, the dream seemed to become a vision, like an intermingling of dreaming and getting visions of these time line pieces, as I went from full sleep dreaming to half sleep dreaming to getting half awake visions, to full awakening to what I had just experienced.

At one point, while dreaming, my arm began to fall asleep with tingling while getting a time line piece, as though my arm falling asleep was part of my resistance with blood flow restriction. I then flipped over to sleep on my other side and continued to get these dream/visions of prophetic time line pieces. Each time line piece was trouble and tribulation written on the screens of the pieces. None of them were pleasant to receive. This was the reason for my resistance to each one and my desire was to go back to sleep and forget what I had just saw.

This dream experience is about the struggle of spiritually awakening to see the great troubles that are coming to our country. We inherently, do not want to see the bad times ahead. This is the resistance to the troubled prophetic time line I was experiencing ; the resistance of not wanting to see the troubles ahead. With each trouble that strikes our nation, people will resist the full picture of what is to come, that the American empire is going to crash and burn (Rev 18). They will want to spiritually fall back to sleep, only to have another major calamity in the prophetic time line awaken them once again. It will take 5 or 6 calamities to hit the nation until some people to go from full sleep mode to half sleep, to half awake to fully awakened.

My arm falling asleep is the life blood flow to this nation becoming restricted when the economy is further struck. It will turn over this nation and some people, like I did, will want to fall back asleep, but they will continue to be awakened by the major calamities that are coming. Each calamity will bring more and more people to become fully awakened till they see, it is only Jesus Christ and his promise of eternal life that is the true security. It is only Jesus Christ and his coming millennial reign that will bring peace, end war and solve all the problems of the earth.

So give the Almighty a big ShoutaluYah! He is going to awaken alot of people through this prophetic word. Do not resist it. Do not fall back asleep. Become fully aware and prepare! Be compelled to be fully awakened and see the great work ahead! You are needed! Few are fully awakened because they want to fall back asleep to what is coming. This includes the majority of the church. They love their sleep. God is going to awaken his church to what's ahead. It won't take all 5 or 6 calamities to get her to fully awaken, but it may take 2 or 3 huge troubles to come to fully awaken her and when she is fully awakened, it is my hope she will then overcome her fear and make the big sound decisions needed to minister to the massive harvest of awakened souls that are coming into the hope of the resurrection.

QWAKEUP! oh you sleepers and let Christ shine upon you!

Father, I pray you would awaken your people and prepare them for what is to come. Shake them out of their slumber Lord! Shake them with signs and wonder to prove your word to them! Compel them to believe your word already given with backing signs and wonders. Let not their misdirection and misinterpretations hold them back from humbling themselves and getting on track to the truth of what's ahead. Prepare them for the massive harvest to come before and during the trying times to hit. Let supernatural provisions lie ahead to equip us to meet the needs both physically and spiritually. Let us be wise in managing what is yours for the benefit of your people. Prepare us to endure! Our life styles are going to drastically change! Help us to simplify and endure! Empower us to overcome, to make it through the fire! Let the glory of your Son and the power of your Spirit be manifest in us by the trying times having no effect upon our faith, but rather burning for you even hotter than the fires to come!
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and King, Amen!

In Christ, Weatherbill,